4 Best Tezos NFT Marketplaces for Buying NFTs

Looking for the top NFT marketplaces on the Tezos blockchain? Discover the best platforms for affordable NFT buying.


Hang on to your hats, folks! The wave of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) is sweeping across the digital universe, and it's downright fascinating! Think of NFTs as your very own digital treasures: rare artwork, toe-tapping tunes, awe-inspiring videos. You name it, it's there!

For a while, Ethereum was the go-to boardwalk for minting NFTs. But, with high costs soaring and eco-footprints stomping, an alternative has stepped into the spotlight. Introducing, Tezos! Cheaper, greener, and friendlier to all you newbies out there, Tezos is turning heads and raising brows!

So, friend, let's dive into our Top NFT marketplaces, all cranking out stunners in the Tezos world. We've graded them with an eagle-eye, factoring in the transparency, decentralization, security bristles, bustling user bases, and street cred within the Tezos tribe. Consider us your guides in the hunt for brand-new blooming NFTs or awesome existing ones!

Get the Scoop on Tezos and NFTs

Let's quickly school you on what Tezos and NFTs are before we introduce you to the marketplace champions!

Launched in 2018, Tezos is kind of a big deal in the blockchain realm. It's a democratic, open-source network using a consensus mechanism—wait for it—"liquid proof-of-stake"—meaning you, as a token holder, can validate transactions without stepping into the mining muddle like Bitcoin or Ethereum.

Why Tezos, you ask?

  • Ditch those high transaction fees! With Tezos, costs are low.
  • It's much greener. Say goodbye to those power-hungry chains!
  • A smooth-sailing model allowing easy upgrades!
  • No room for error with its formal verification!

Galvanized by these advantages, Tezos has quickly ramped up an energetic ecosystem of DeFi apps and NFT platforms.

Your question: what are NFTs exactly? Well, think of them as certified digital goods, each one rare and valuable. Art, music, video, collectibles, even parcels of virtual land, and so much more!

NFTs for:

  • Digital art & collectibles
  • Gaming items
  • Domain names
  • Investment assets
  • VIP passes to exclusive treats

The NFT frenzy smashed through a whopping $40 billion in 2021, largely over at Ethereum. But, high gas fees? No, thank you!

So, here's where Tezos waltzes in! Instead of $50-$100 to mint an NFT on Ethereum, we're talking under a dollar on Tezos. And trading? Barely costs a nickel at under $0.20 a pop!

No wonder Tezos is revolutionizing the economy for NFT trading! Stellar artists and big brands are joining the Tezos bandwagon, triggering a buzz of new marketplaces.

Without further ado, let's shed some light on the 5 top spots to create, buy, and sell Tezos NFTs. Let's roll!

Criteria for Selecting the Best Tezos NFT Marketplaces

With new NFT platforms launching rapidly, it can be hard to identify the most reputable options on Tezos. We evaluated marketplaces based on these key criteria:

  • Transparency - Platforms should be open about their team, company info, and processes.
  • Decentralization - More decentralized platforms give the community greater ownership and control.
  • Security - Robust security features protect users' wallets and NFT assets.
  • Usability - The marketplace should offer a smooth user experience for artists and collectors.
  • Adoption - Higher volume, assets, and user base signals market confidence.
  • Features - Unique features like metaverse integrations or curated drops add value.
  • Fees - Lower fees help users maximize profits on trades.
  • Reputation - A respected brand with strong user feedback.

Top Tezos NFT Marketplace Options

Based on extensive research and testing, these 4 platforms represent the best options for artists, collectors, and investors dealing in Tezos NFTs:

1. Objkt

  • Over 1 million NFTs traded
  • Highest volume and largest selection
  • Allows single and multi-asset listings
  • Fixed 0.5% trading fee

2. FXHash

  • Popular generative art platform
  • Over $400M in trading volume
  • 50/50 split of fees with artists
  • Daily generative art drops

3. Rarible

  • Community-governed platform
  • Multi-chain support beyond Tezos
  • Create and trade various NFT formats
  • 2.5% fees on sales

4. OneOf

  • Music NFTs from top artists
  • Exclusive experiences and perks
  • Environmentally friendly Tezos minting
  • Higher end clientele and pricing

This covers a wide selection of platforms catering to various creators and collectors in the Tezos NFT community. Next, we'll highlight some key details on each marketplace to help you choose the right option.

Highlights and Features of the Top Tezos NFT Marketplaces


Source: objkt.com

Ever dreamt of stepping into the vibrant world of digital art and collectibles? Well, here's your golden ticket - Objkt! Serving as the premier marketplace for NFTs in the Tezos universe, Objkt (https://objkt.com/) is a bustling hub of creativity, invention, and commerce. It's an open stage where creators and collectors alike can mint, sell, and buy NFTs with ease and charm.

So, what sets Objkt apart?

Picture this - it's the hot spot with the highest trading volume and the most extensive collection of Tezos NFTs! From abstract masterpieces to charming doodles, there's something that will tickle everyone's fancy!

A newbie? Fret not! Objkt's clean and intuitive user interface is as friendly as it gets. With a few simple clicks, you can browse and pick your favorite NFT. It's like a walk in the park!

Flexibility is key here, folks! You, as a creator, have total control over your listings. Want to sell a single piece or an entire collection? Objkt says, "No problem!"

Now, let's talk fees. Unlike the hefty gas fees on Ethereum, minting on Objkt is a smooth, almost free ride! And trading? They only ask for a tiny 0.5% fee. Talk about a wallet-friendly deal!

Want a sneak peek into Objkt's fantastic features? Dive into auctions, direct sales, and even bidding. There's a thrilling option for every type of trader. And wait, there's more! Ever heard of ObjktPASS? It's a magical key unlocking a world of exclusive goodies and benefits.

All in all, Objkt is a fantastic starting point for anyone making their first strides in the exhilarating Tezos NFT space. Whether you're an established artist or a newcomer unleashing your creativity, Objkt rolls out the red carpet for you! So come along, folks, and let's begin this exciting adventure!


Source: fxhash.com

Get ready, folks! Let me introduce you to FXHash (https://www.fxhash.xyz/), a real heavyweight in the space of generative art NFTs. Wondering what that is? Well, it's artwork created by clever algorithms that's totally unique - like snowflakes in a digital storm!

Here's what puts FXHash at the top of the heap:

  • Fresh Art Daily: Just like baking a new batch of cookies every day, FXHash cooks up brand new generative art, hot and ready for your enjoyment!
  • Trading Heavyweight: With a staggering trading volume over $400 million, FXHash is a bustling marketplace, buzzing like a bee hive of activity!
  • Fair Play: Believe in sharing the spoils? So does FXHash! Every single sale sees the creators get a cool 50% cut of the secondary market fees.
  • Community Corner: Everybody loves a good chat, right? Over at FXHash, you can chew the fat with fellow fans about all the latest and greatest releases and trends.
  • Exclusive Perks: Own an NFT from FXHash? Congrats, you just scored an exclusive invite to real-life events - talk about a red-carpet treatment!
  • Integration Galore: To top it off, FXHash buddies up with platforms like Hen and Art Blocks, bringing you more variety and choice.

If you've got a soft spot for one-of-a-kind generative art, then make a beeline for FXHash. It's the hotspot on Tezos for discovering exquisite rare pieces and the next big thing in the art world! Get set, folks - an art adventure awaits!


Source: Rarible.com

Sink your teeth into Rarible (don't forget to check them out at https://rarible.com/), one of the friendliest and most inclusive NFT platforms out there. They've taken community to heart by wrapping their hands around decentralized governance pretty early with their very own RARI token – that's power to the people!

Now, what's in the Rarible basket of goodies for you?

  • An ownership model steered by its users, talk about democracy!
  • Not stuck in one chain – they support a medley; not just Tezos. Meaning they've got their finger in many pies!
  • Not just one type of NFT; they let you create a variety pack!
  • Single drops or multiple, the choice is on you!
  • Makes cents of dollars with a 2.5% fee on sales, of which half goes right back to RARI holders!
  • They're no small fry – they boast a huge $300 million plus in transaction volume across chains!
  • An exciting marketplace with an avalanche of NFTs from platforms like OpenSea!

So, whether you're an artist on a mission or a collector on the hunt, if you like being part of a community that calls the shots, Rarible is your ticket to the ride. Plus, their multi-chain support is like a cherry on top. How exciting is that?


Source: Oneof.com

Calling all music, sports, and pop culture aficionados! Ever dreamt of owning something truly unique from your favorite celebrity? OneOf (https://www.oneof.com/) makes this a reality, exclusively in the Tezos universe!

OneOf puts the spotlight on music NFTs, featuring Grammy-level superstars such as Doja Cat, The Weeknd, and even John Legend!

But that's not all! With OneOf, you're not just buying an NFT. You're buying an experience. Maybe it's backstage passes, maybe its signed merchandise, who knows? But, trust me, it's always worth it!

Ever been green with envy over the exclusivity of high-end collectible drops? OneOf curates limited-edition drops which only add to their allure and their value - a real treat for discerning collectors and fans.

What's that I hear? Concerns about the environment and those energy-guzzling blockchains? Not to worry, friends! OneOf uses Tezos, which is as eco-friendly as they come. So you can rest easy knowing your NFT experience is green and guilt-free!

Sounds pricey? Well, luxury does come with a bit of a price tag. High-value drops and premium pricing make this platform a hot spot for the well-heeled collector.

So, for anyone who's been humming their favorite tunes or tapping their feet to the beat, craving a slice of the celebrity apple, your time is now! OneOf has rolled out the red carpet in the Tezos universe, serving up exclusive, star-backed NFTs. This is your ticket to the glitz and glamour, folks! Ready, set, collect!


Alright, folks! Just stepping into the bustling world of Tezos NFTs? Let me share some pointers that will get you off to a strong start!

Let's kick off with Objkt - a riotous marketplace teeming with vibrant NFTs! With the biggest collection around, it’s a bustling bazaar that never sleeps, offering countless options and a swift buying-selling experience. Dive in! Next, embark on an art odyssey with FXHash! Unearth a world where exclusivity meets creativity. That's right, folks – every day, fresh, generative art is dropped for you to explore. Plus, the buzzing community is a bonus!

Before you dive in headfirst, here's a pro tip: Keep a sharp eye on the fees each platform charges. Remember, every penny counts! Peek at their offerings, feel the vibe of their community, and see if they resonate with your goals - be it as an artist, a collector or an investor.

And there you go! An insider's guide to hop on the Tezos NFT adventure! You're all set to charter the vast and exciting NFT landscape! Enjoy the ride, folks! It's gonna be one heck of a journey!

Why Tezos Is a Game-Changer for Building NFTs!

Source: Unsplash.com/tezos

Why Tezos, you ask? Well, there's a whole bunch of reasons as to why this blockchain is becoming a favourite for NFT fanatics. Let's dig in!

Worry about costs? Don't fret! Tezos is practically a deal-breaker with significantly lower fees than Ethereum. This can be a dream come true for up-and-coming creators who can now kick-start their ventures without breaking the bank.

When it comes to being green, Tezos wins hands down! Dump those hefty energy-consuming chains like Bitcoin and Ethereum, the environmentalists will thank you. Tezos, with its proof-of-stake dauntlessness, is both eco-hip and efficient!

Quick and easy, that's what Tezos promises! The speedy transaction times on Tezos mean no more standing in digital lines waiting for your trade to go through.

Governance can be a struggle in blockchain, but not with Tezos! Here, everyone gets to have a say. The community-powered on-chain governance provides a smooth trajectory for progress without the usual fuss and muss.

Now, safety is high on everyone's list when navigating the crypto-sphere. So, brace yourself! Tezos has formal verification in place for those techno-smart contract thingies. And what does this mean? Top-notch security and correctness, my friend!

Who doesn't want to be where the movers and shakers are? Big brands. Iconic artists. They're all joining the Tezos bandwagon for their NFT projects. And who can blame them?

Does the high barrier to entry for NFT platforms intimidate you? Tezos, with its low fees, opens the doors wide to anyone and everyone! This is the democratization of digital assets we need.

Innovation - there's plenty of it in the Tezos universe! Expect to see unique concepts like Metaverses, DAOs, Tokenization, Cross-chain bridges and more.

The NFT world through the lens of Tezos is a dream come true for creators and collectors. It's about time we made high-end NFTs accessible for all, and Tezos does just that! Get ready as we witness an avalanche of innovations in DeFi, NFTs, and community ownership - all powered by Tezos. Buckle up! The ride is going to be thrilling!

Final Verdict: How to Choose Your Tezos NFT Platform

Tezos is making a splash in the digital art world, offering an exciting home for creators and collectors of non-fungible tokens (NFTs). But with a number of top-notch marketplaces to choose from, how do you decide where to best showcase your creativity or where to embark on your collecting journey?

As an artist, it's all about finding a platform that connects with your style, resonates with your brand ethos, and complements your monetization strategy. Budding in the genre of generative art? FXHash is your go-to spot. Rarible champions community ownership, while everyone's welcome at Objkt. Remember to factor in marketplace fees, the governance model, and potential advertising opportunities!

Now, if you're a collector, it's your passions, predilections, and perhaps the size of your piggy bank, that matter. Start your exploratory journey on marketplaces like Objkt; it's a treasure trove of diverse and delightful Tezos NFTs catering to all price ranges. Celebrity endorsed pieces tickle your fancy? Check out OneOf. Stay updated on new launches and trending collections that align with your personal taste.

Tezos, with its affordable fees and speedy transactions, is democratizing the digital collectibles realm—one NFT at a time! As you propel into this thriving expanse, let this guide lead you to the perfect platforms that align with your needs, rooted in their enticing offerings, values, and community spirit. Get ready for a thrilling ride—the Tezos NFT landscape is brimming with potential as more people jump on board each day!


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